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Hi, my name is Shannon Hoverson and I am the wife and biggest cheerleader of the late, Mark Hoverson. 

Mark and I went through it all together. 

Young love, Marriage, four kids, living in a trailer to building a business Empire. 

Limitless was Mark’s last business adventure before he passed away from Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer in August of 2018. 

Mark put his heart and soul into building Limitless.

We spent 4 years hosting young adults 2-3 times a week mentoring them in Wealth, Health, Travel, Business and Family wisdom. 

It started with 1 person and ended with 150.

It started with the young adults meeting Mark in person, listening to his wisdom and then being put on a task in order to keep playing Limitless. 

It started with just a few from Arizona and then just by word of mouth, other players were joining from California and spreading across the nation to New York just to hear Mark speak.

The results were nothing short of amazing with some players going from 1.6 gpas to 3.6.

Some players getting sponsorships for skating or wrestling, etc. 

Mark Hoverson left a legacy that is being carried on by his wife Shannon Hoverson, His Children, His business partner Jeff Sherman and the  limitless number of entrepreneurs lives he touched through his reality games, products and services.
Some players being able to quit their 9-5 jobs and become Entrepreneurs.  

We had parents and friends of the Limitless Players thanking us for creating Limitless because of the change they saw in the fellow players. 

It is rare to be able to see a new idea, a new business be built from the ground up. 

Literally, from 1 player to 150 just by word of mouth. And that is while the game was being constructed, being built, not after it was already completed. 

Mark made many mistakes during his lifespan, but he learned quickly from them and that helped him rise to the top fast with the gurus of the industry paying him 5 figures for his mentorship.

Soon, Mark would begin directing those gurus to play Limitless instead of taking the 5 figure coaching fee. 

Mark said, “Limitless is all my secrets learned during my years of life.” 

“If I were to coach you one on one, everything inside Limitless is what I would tell you and have you do to take your life in all areas to the next level.” 

And so, Limitless went from just young adults to being open to all ages, men and women alike. 

And although Mark passed away, his Legacy Trainings remain alive, for us to devour and become... ‘Limitless’.

With that being said, I Welcome YOU to Limitless, I am honored to have you play and carry on Mark’s Legacy by transforming your habits and stepping into your full potential. 

See you on the Inside,

Shanny Hoverson
But First, Take A LOOK at all of the “regular people” like you and I who discovered Limitless and were able to change their lives, stop working so hard, and finally live the life of their dreams…
But how did they do it? 
Let me introduce you to LIMITLESS!
It is now time to  re-release Mark’s complete step-by-step blueprint in the form of a game, based off the success principles from his teachings, courses, and products, that anyone can play to achieve more freedom in less time and become Limitless!

The game consists of Players, Stages, Levels, and Moves. The players or the Limitless Community, is what’s going to help you model success and also hold you accountable to what you say you are going to do.

You see, you take real life action and complete the moves to earn points, move up the leaderboard, finish the levels and conquer the stages.
These are the Prizes Earned
Prize: Limitless Journal
Prize: Luxe Water Tower
Prize: Limitless Shirt
Prize: Executive Cross Pen
Prize: Million Dollar Day Book
Prize Package
Limitless is made up 6 Stages…
STAGE 1: Fresh Start 
The fresh start stage is all about clearing obstacles out of the way that may be slowing you down and keeping you from reaching your goals.
Here you will get rid of some bad habits in order to make room for the good ones!
STAGE 2: Mind Expansion
This stage is all about creating a new perspective and seeing life in a simplified way. 

You will learn how to communicate effectively to get what you want and how to lean on your fellow competitors to help hold you accountable.

You will have the power to think bigger and have the confidence to go out there and achieve it.
STAGE 3: Future Fortunes
This stage will challenge you and push you to your limits. But if you can just keep taking action and push through to the end you will have acquired all the skills you will ever need to get whatever fortune you desire in the future.
STAGE 4: Crafting For Kings
This stage is all about accelerated growth. No matter how old you are or where you are in your life, you can still accomplish all of your goals and dreams.

In this stage you will learn how to “time collapse” and accomplish in a year what takes most people 10. 

STAGE 5: Restoring Wholeness
This stage pulls everything together and helps you to see the bigger picture in life.

It will remind you of what is truly important and meaningful to you and how to get it. 

You will learn how to get the most out of life and how to add value to everything that you do. 
STAGE 6: Adventure Ready
This stage will teach you how to be fully charged and ready to take on any Adventure life may have for you at any given moment.

You will be prepared and have nothing holding you back, so that when the opportunity presents itself, it’s yours…

You see, It’s not about being in the right place at the right time, it’s about being the right person in the right place at the right time.

And when you can do that, and you will, by the time you finish playing this game… You will be truly limitless!
Finish The Adventure Ready Stage, Finish The Game, And Earn Your Limitless Thule Adventure Backpack!
Ready To Experience The Reality Game That Touched The Hearts And Transformed The Lives Of Countless Entrepreneurs Through Mark Hoverson’s Philosophy And Teachings in Limitless?
When you finally focus on what matters you’ll easily eliminate the distractions in your life and be able to move ahead — and ACCOMPLISH — big things every day.
That’s the power of playing Limitless and having the Limitless community on your side.

So stop stumbling through the darkness in life. Stop spinning your wheels.

Start making progress every day… while working less than you were before.

This is your year.

Your time is now!

Of course, that sounds like a lot to do on your own, and frankly, it is.

I can see you sitting there, hyperventilating, thinking, “Oh my, where do I even start?”
Relax. Just Play Limitless And It Will Take You Through Everything Step By Step.
Limitless walks you through EXACTLY how to apply the secrets and principles to your life so that you stop feeling like you’ve squandered your days.

There will be no more evenings where you feel stuck spinning your wheels while you watch everyone else fly past you on the fast track to success.

Limitless pulls you out of the mud and puts you on that fast track so that you can speed ahead and finally achieve your big goals and dreams in life.

This is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Not playing Limitless is the only thing that’s been holding you back.

But now it’s here.
And now your time has come to regain control of your life and take your success to the next level — at home, at work, and wherever else you want to accelerate in life.

Just remember though, failing to act now will cost you. You have everything on your side right now… the motivation, the momentum, and the big reason WHY you want to change.

If you wait until next month, next week, or even tomorrow, you’ll lose out on the fire of desire burning inside of you.

You’ve promised yourself that this year is going to be different.

It’s time to keep that promise and take massive action with this proven formula and start playing Limitless.
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